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7 Mileposts on the Road to Continuous Improvement

Founded in 1985 by Larry W. Dennis, Sr., Turbo Leadership Systems is an executive team building and leadership skills development organization. Turbo Leadership Systems has worked closely for 25 years with management teams of over 200 client companies in manufacturing, guest services, distribution and construction businesses.

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.

Turbo Leadership Systems

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Larry's New Book

The Language of Leadership – Communicating for Results is a powerful tool in my business as I interact with customers and suppliers. The poignant examples are insightful, at times riveting, and drive home the points being made in the chapters. Upon reading this book, I am uplifted, restored in my conviction that staying with the basics will bring me the sought after results. Thanks for making so clear the principles of leadership and communication.
–Scott Director, Owner
–Scott Director's Furniture

The Language of Leadership – Communicating for Results outlines what is sometimes taken for granted about communication and then explains how to improve it. We all agree how important communication is and yet, have challenges with it every day. The first challenge is identifying what can be fixed. The second is figuring out what to change to improve communication. This book will help with both challenges.
–Rod Iwata, Chief Information Officer
–Jubitz Corporation

Life is too short and the competition too fast to spend time in pointless debate and gratuitous nuance. The more honest and clear we are with each other, the faster we move and the better we work together. To be a successful leader in any industry, it is essential to have the confidence and ability to effectively communicate in order to achieve positive results. The Language of Leadership – Communicating for Results is a must read for anyone that is interested in opening their heart, mind and future. Embrace the key principles and watch your leadership evolve to a whole new dimension.
–Juliana Howard
–Nike Sales Director

The Turbo Charger

From time to time I've mentioned to you and others of our friends how our Turbo Charger, which comes out every Tuesday, is read by people all over the world. Below is feedback from our March 26th Turbo Charger titled: "Bye Bye".

Well done. This really hits home with me. In years past I used to keep people employed that really were not a fit in our culture for one reason or another. I usually thought I really needed them and when I finally let them go there was a large burden that was relieved from my shoulders. I used to think it was all about me when this happened. What I came to realize was all the other people who worked with these "Not so good employees" could not understand why it took me so long to do this. I hurt the moral of everyone else and while this was going on they lost respect for me because in their eyes why didn’t I do something about a bad egg in our dozen. I have learned the hard way about this. Listen to your stomach, not your heart. I believe your heart is the compassion component of this equation and your stomach is the reality. If your stomach tells you it is not going to work you already have the answer and you must act or the consequences of the “Lack of Action” will keep setting you back and when you finally do let them go you have a big hole to dig out of. I would rather push the dirt away with my foot and move forward.

Top Doc of 2013

Congratulations to Dr. Prasanna Chandran, one of 22 Portland Clinic physicians named "Top Doc of 2013" by Portland Monthly magazine. Turbo Leadership Systems™ has greatly enjoyed working with Dr. Chandran and the other members of The Portland Clinic’s Leadership Council to create breakthrough performance improvements in seven key result areas, including productivity, patient satisfaction, and employee morale.

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We have worked very hard with this paper mill over the past 8 months. The results speak for themselves.
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